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What We Do:

EVERYTHING IPR: We provide all services related to Intellectual Property rights creation, management and protection. We provide services for all forms of IPR, such as - Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Patents, Geographical Indications, Integrated Circuit Designs, Trade Secrets and Domain Names. We are a full service IPR firm and well-established to serve you in respect of Intellectual Property registration (National & International); Oppositions/ cancellations; Litigations; IP Assignments, Licensing and Franchisees; IP Audits; valuation; Due Diligence; Legal Opinions and overall IPR Management. SKSHAH LEGAL SERVICES is one stop solution to all your needs in IPR laws.

START UP FACILITATION: We provide free guidance and registration facility to registered Start-ups, being a start-up trademark facilitator, registered with Government of India.

CONTRACTS & AGREEMENTS: We also provide services related to drafting and negotiating all kind of commercial agreements such as Franchisee/ Distributorship/ Dealership/Manufacturing/Joint Venture Agreements; Partnership/LLP Deeds; Rent Agreements; Non-Disclosure Agreements and Employment/Service Agreements.

LEGAL CONTENT WRITING: We provide content writing, which require legal aspects such as Internet Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, offer letters, letter of intent, warranty policy, and other writing with legal implications.

Therefore, trust us as your helping hand for all legal drafting, vetting, research, judgment search, study of papers, opinions, reviews, providing line of directions in any case etc. We would be happy to help you.

EDUCATION AND AWARENESS: We also promote education and awareness of intellectual property laws by disseminating practical information and providing training on effective management of IPR Laws and help establish best IPR policy and practice, which is need of the day.

CONSUMER PROTECTION: We provide litigation and non-litigation support for consumer cases for Ahmedabad jurisdiction.

  We are also affiliated with other national, International Institutions and experts to be updated with the latest provisions of law and cases.

Register your IPR for better rights and protection.





5.Geographical Indications

6.Circuit Layouts

7.Plant Varieties

Trust us on contentious/ non-contentious matters in IPR.

(Before the IPO (Registry), Appellate Board (IPAB), District Courts, High Courts and Supreme Court of India)

1.Registrations (India and International)

2.Official Actions/ Examinations (replies & hearings)

3.Oppositions/ Cancellations/ Rectifications

4.Appeals/ Reviews

5.Legal Notices/ Caution Notices

6.Litigations (infringement/ passing off/ groundless threats and more)

7.Compulsory License Applications (patents, Copyrights)

8.Legal Opinions

9.Negotiations & Settlements

IPR/ Non-IPR Agreements.

1.License/ Assignment/ Hypothecation/ co-existence of IPR

2.Franchisee/ Distributorship/ Dealership/ Contract Manufacturing

3.Joint Venture/Partnership/LLP Deeds

4.Non-Disclosure/ Non-compete/ Non-circumvent agreements

5.Employment/Service Agreements

6.Privacy Policies, Terms and Conditions, warranty policies

7.Busienss purchase Agreements

8.Rent Agreements and more

IPR Safety Kit.

1.Infringement alerts

2.IP Audit & Valuation

3.IP Due diligence

4.IP Portfolio Management

5.Legal Opinions & Advice

6.IP Training & awareness

Ancillary Services .

1.Registration with Customs Department – for Counterfeit prevention

2.Brand/ Logo creation

3.Domain Name Disputes

4.Legal Content writing

5.Legal outsourcing

6.Company/LLP/Partnership/ Sole proprietorship Formation

7. Start-up Certification

8.Consumer Dispute Redressal

9.And more


1.Copyright Registration

2.Copyright Rectification/cancellation of registration

3.Copyright Compulsory License

4.Assignment and licenses

5.Audits, valuation, management and more


1.Prior art search/ Freedom to operate

2.Patent Registration in India/ PCT

3.Revocation/cancellation of registration

4.Compulsory License

5.Patent infringement-litigation

6.Assignment and licenses

7.Audits, valuation, management and more


1.Brand/ Logo creation

2.Prior search/ Infringement watch

3.Trademark Registration in India and other countries

4.International Applications (Madrid Protocol)

5.Rectification/cancellation of registration

6.Assignment and licensees

7.Passing off, infringement, groundless threat-litigations

8.Audits, valuation, management and more


1.Formation of an Association of artisans

2.Registration of GI (as GI or Certification mark or Collective mark) in India and other countries

3.Rectification/cancellation of registration

4.Support, guidance and training in effective management of Association of artisans

5.Patent infringement-litigation

6.Passing off, infringement-litigations

7.Audits, valuation, management and more


1.Industrial Design Registration

2.Design Rectification/cancellation of registration

3.Design infringement -litigation

4.Assignment and licenses

5.Audits, valuation, management and more